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Hacking Innovation Podcast

It’s no longer enough to have a “good quality product”, you need to have the right product. Hacking Innovation Podcast is for Product Managers and leaders who want to build the right products, that solve the right problems, through fast, smart and human-centered strategy.

Miha Feuš: Design Thinking as Strategy for Innovation
Alen Faljic: Why we compete in arenas, not industries
Christopher Holm-Hanse: Community-led growth
Taig Mac Carthy: Creating new product categories

About The Show

On the show you get access to the brightest minds in the digital products industry, in conversation with host Simon Tratnik, Product Strategist and Founder of Human First innovation lab.

We cover all the hats you juggle as a product manager – from product and growth, to leadership and collaboration, we’ll be sharing practical insights, strategies and secrets that you can apply in your work today.

Simon podcast interview