Design Sprint process helped businessman launched a software product.

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Three battle-proven formulas that produce unique results for complex challenges

Businessman is launching a software product.

Build a great product, cut time-wasting and guesswork

The classic formula pioneered at Google, that gets you a user-validated prototype in 5 dynamic half-day sessions. Refined for scale-ups and large coporates, based on our experience with 50+ unique projects.

Businessman is launching a software product.
Strategy Sprint

Skip the false starts with our structure for smart strategy

Feel like you’re not ready for a Design Sprint? The smartest companies don’t wait until they have a single product idea to get strategic.

Businessman is launching a software product.
Training Sprint

Empower your teams to drive innovation

Empower your team with facilitation skills to transform the way your company works. This learn-by-doing remote or in person training gives them rinse-and-repeat knowledge, tools and recipes for effective collaboration and tangible innovation.

My Sprint workshop experience was super insightful and eye-opening. The quality of our prototype is of a very high standard, so much so that clients believed it was our actual app!

Sharika Chauhan, COO at LedgerComm
Sharika Chauhan
Chief Operation Officer, LedgerComm

The Human1st approach

These are the key principles we apply in every Sprint process.

We have bias to get started

When in doubt, we disagree and commit – we’ll quickly learn if we’re on track with validation.

We favour progress over perfection

We get started and learn fast. Less talking, more doing.

We work together, alone

No groupthink, no hierarchy bias. Our processes allow outstanding ideas to come to the top.

We don’t tell, we show

Rather than talking in abstractions, we visualize our ideas for tangible debate.

We don’t rely on creativity

Through robust idea generation processes, we take the risk and unpredictability out of innovation.

We zero waste

Your most precious resources – budget, time and people. Cut pointless discussions and get focused.

Behind the scenes of our work and methodologies