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Growth Strategy

We design product and innovation-led experiments.

Product Design

We design products that users love and businesses value.


We make innovation tangible and useful in the real world.


We build internal capability so people can do what we do.

The proof is in the pudding

Businessman is launching a software product.

Notus platform for sales and community building

We used the Design Sprint process with Notus on its marketing platform that analyzes Twitter interactions for business growth and organic relationship building. We worked closely with Notus’ Founders and Designer to release in record time.

From idea to validated MVP
Ideas generated and explored
Reduced project uncertainty
Businessman is launching a software product.

Virti chatbot builder for virtual human training

We ran a Design Sprint to completely redesign and reimagine Virti chatbot builder, a enterprise platform of healthcare education. We helped align the leadership team on new product direction and significantly reduced development costs.

Ideas generated and concepts
Major product flaws identified
User-validated prototypes
Businessman is launching a software product.
During LedgerComm workshop.

LedgerComm marketplace for corporate loans

We worked with leader marketplace for corporate loans LedgerComm to align cross-functional teams on strategic goals for digital development. The Sprint was the first time different teams worked together on a challenge and resulted in validated specs to speed up the development of digital platform as MVP.

Ideas generated and explored
User-validated prototypes
Reduced project uncertainty

As someone new to product design, I was worried about keeping up. But Human1st team made everything approachable and engaging. The prototype we developed was so good that clients believed it was our real app. I can't recommend Human1st enough for their insight and quality of work.

Sharika Chauhan, COO at LedgerComm
Sharika Chauhan
COO at LedgerComm
Businessman is launching a software product through Design Sprint process.

Why working with us?

Others only facilitate a Sprint. We participate and contribute elite expertise in:

  • Design Thinking
  • Product and Business Strategy
  • User-centric Design
  • Prototyping
  • Technology

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