Businessman is launching a software product.
Product Strategy

Skip the false starts and map out a low-risk product strategy

Align on key challenges, create and curate solutions, and wrap it all up in a practical action plan, in just one week.

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Businessman is launching a software product.

You’re at an exciting stage in your product leadership, with tons of ideas, and a skilled team ready to make it happen.

So why are you feeling stuck?

Businessman is having hard time with translating his vision.

No Clear Direction

In your head, you have a vision for the project. But without a clear roadmap, you can’t translate it to your team and stakeholders.

Businessman is user testing a product.

No Validation

You aren’t getting real world validation early enough. Decision making in the dark is hard, and getting buy-in even harder.

Businessman is user testing a product.
Businessman is having too much meetings.

Growing Pains

Your company is growing, meaning more players, more meetings, and less conclusions. The problem is getting worse with time.

Businessman is showing a promising plan for a software product.

What you need is a framework that enables you to:

  • Eliminate all distractions and discussion loops.
  • Motivate all players to contribute on an even field, so the best ideas shine without bias.
  • Get started and learn fast. Cut the perfectionism that’s killing your progress.
  • Not only generate a massive bank of ideas, but curate and identify the standout opportunities.
  • Build a foolproof roadmap that your team can execute and decision makers can get behind.
Businessman is showing a promising plan for a software product.

Our Solution

Product Strategy Sprint

Get a clear roadmap and leapfrog to pioneering your product in just one week.

What do you get?

The perfect combination of in-house collaboration boosted by external expertise.

Your team commits to three half day group work sessions. Our team is dedicated to your Product Strategy for the whole week, dealing with all the behind the scenes: preparation, synthesising and presentation of the final results. You bring your best brains, we do the rest.

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Product strategy

Clearly articulated strategy to provide direction and actionable steps.

Team alignment & commitment

Through dynamic sessions that spark motivation & collaboration.

Concepts of your best ideas

Illustrated support for your new structured strategy.

Full remote setup & facilitation

By our team of highly specialized professionals with years of product experience.

Inspirational examples

How other smart businesses have solved similar problems.

Wrap up documentation

A summary of the findings and action plan for your internal use.

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How does it work?

Our Product Strategy Sprint is a tried-and-proven process, you’re guaranteed a clear and well presented roadmap. Over the course of 1 week, we take your team through 5 phases:

Day 1


We work intensely with you as the decider to define your vision and the related challenges.

The Decider
Our Team
Day 2

Aligning on

Understand the current situation deeply. Align on the key problems to be solved.

Your Team
Our Team
Day 3


Explore how others have tackled similar challenges. Put together a mass of solution ideas.

Your Team
Our Team
Day 4


Curate all of the ideas from days 2 and 3, and design your step by step roadmap.

Your Team
Our Team
Day 5


Finally we wrap up the findings, evidence and the roadmap into smartly designed and easy-to-understand documentation you can use company-wide.

Our Team

Anyone leading a Sprint needs to have excellent listening skills and decode the information received to guide the project in the right direction. Simon definitely has this skill. Together with his team helped us reduce the number of meetings that would otherwise be needed to finish the project. In short, they saved a lot of time and resources.

Sharika Chauhan, COO at LedgerComm
Luka Paragi
Chief Product Officer, GoCrypto
Businessman is launching a software product.

Why our clients keep coming back to us?

We not only facilitate Sprints. We participate and contribute elite expertise in:

  • Design Thinking
  • Product and Business Strategy
  • User-centric Design
  • Prototyping
  • Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know whether we need a Product Strategy Sprint or a Design Sprint?

The best way to assess this is by booking a call with our product strategist Simon. Depending on your situation, he’ll suggest the best option, or direct you to another solution if our services don’t fit. Honest human-to-human advice, always.

What types of company or sector can benefit from a Product Strategy Sprint?

We’ve facilitated Sprints in every size of company, from small start-ups right up to large multinationals, and in a huge variety of sectors from FinTech to Automotive to Consumer Product Goods and many more. We’ll always give you our honest opinion if there’s a better option for your particular challenge – book a call for a free no-sales assessment.

Our project is very complex. How do I know if this will work for our company?

This is a structure that has been successful for businesses of all types and sizes all over the world. But before you commit we’ll always have a free, no obligation chat, so we can confirm if it’s right for your situation. It’s not in our interests to sell you something that isn’t going to work.

How many team members from our company can participate?

The ideal number is 5, but we can confirm this on our intro call.

I have a different question.

No problem! Please shoot us an email at