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Better Products Podcast

Weekly interviews, strategy and expert advice to demystifying product innovation. Discover what it takes to design and build impactful products through smarter collaboration. Hosted by Simon Tratnik.

Miha Feus: Design Thinking as Strategy for Innovation
Matic Pelcl: Product Discovery and Product Delivery
Christopher Holm-Hanse: Community-led Growth
Taig Mac Carthy: Creating New Product Categories

About The Show

Crafting exceptional products goes beyond just design and engineering—it's about collaboration across all teams. The Better Products podcast dives deep into these narratives, demystifying the world of product and innovation and uncovering the keys to effective collaboration.

Each episode offers invaluable insights and lessons from today's industry experts and change makers, revealing what truly goes into crafting impactful products. Hosted and produced by Simon Tratnik, founder and Product Strategist of Human1st.

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